A portrait of Davide, one of the co-founders.
A portrait of Anne in the forest
A portrait of Mathias, one of the co-founders.
This is not a copy of the last restaurant you ate at.
At Public House you will find yourself eating in the living room of Anne, Mathias, and Davide. A funny mixture of three personalities and different paths in gastronomy. Our aim is to make you feel welcome and to have you walk out with a smile on your face!
In the kitchen we work closely with local producers, showcasing the quality of their craftsmanship and transforming these ingredients into the dishes you will find yourself eating.
It's all about regionality and seasonality for us, with the aim of creating a stronger bond to what we eat and where it comes from.
Our wines at Public House are selected with the same philosophy as the ingredients used in our kitchen. Showcasing the person behind the product. All of our wines are either imported by ourselves, or selected with importers who share the same view on low-intervention as us. It's not about hiding the true characteristics of the grapes, but rather about elaborating the most beautiful aspects of them.